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Our team provides Consulting, Software Development, Management & Training and Change Management services for Asset Owners, Developers, Consultants and Contractors. The services we currently offer our clients are:

  • Initial Assessments:  As-is analysis and recommendations

  • Implementation Programs:  Development of BIM requirements, standards, guidelines, best practices, compliance protocols, organization support, training or any digital technologies implementation

  • Long Term Management Solutions:  Assist clients to develop a higher BIM maturity and capability with continuous BIM project management and consultancy support

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For more information, please contact:

Juan Tena Florez

Regional Digital Design Manager, KEO

Your Vision to the Future with us

Other primary BIM services are focused on:

  • Digital Twins

  • Facilities Management & Asset Management Solutions

  • Smart Cities

  • Data Driven Generative Design

  • Automation

  • Automated 360 video jobsite capture and mapping

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