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Master Planning  + Landscape Architecture.

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Creative Placemakers

Intersecting Nature and Culture​

InSite, a Planning and Landscape Design practice, was established in 2014. Opening its first studios in Abu Dhabi and Dubai with a dual vision of:

  • Regional Excellence: Crafting creative, environmentally situated designs, rooted in our understanding of local cultures and landscapes.

  • Global Reach: Leveraging Dubai’s vibrant hub for both attracting top talent thus amplifying our work with global expertise and moving into new markets.

People and Passion for Design

Our team reflects this vision. Today, our studios in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Riyadh, Lisbon, and Porto with over 200 talented planners, urban designers, and landscape architects share a common passion for design excellence. Applying their expertise to projects of all scales and complexities. Delivering projects in the region and beyond.

Design Approach:

At InSite, We live to Design. We undertake our craft with precision, infused by an interrogative yet playful approach creating memorable places for our communities and clients.

Award Winning Design Solutions:

Our designs are as creatively elegant as they are sustainable. Executed through a lens that anticipates future trends and challenges. We translate our client visions into reality through proper stewardship and a collaborative spirit. Delivering on development briefs while respecting the environment.


We believe in the transformative power of design. Shaping a brighter future where nature and culture seamlessly blend.



• Visioning + Concept Planning

• Urban Design
• Master Planning
• Design Guidelines

• Landscape Architecture

• Public Realm Design
• Signage + Wayfinding
• Lighting Design

• Signage + Wayfinding

• Irrigation Design


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