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Infrastructure En-

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Connecting Communities

KEO is distinguished for its infrastructure engineering.​



For nearly six decades our infrastructure engineering solutions have fuelled economic, civic, and social developments across the entire region and beyond. Dedicated to reflecting our firmwide determination to elevate the quality of life of the communities we serve while conserving our natural environment.

We take a holistic systems approach to each infrastructure challenge. Our commitment is to create modern, smarter engineered solutions that make infrastructure additive to the human experience. We keep project mission goals and objectives at the center of what we do. Delivering infrastructure solutions that achieve long-term optimal results on capital investment.

Infrastructure Engineering Expertise

  • Transportation: We plan, and design expansive networks (bridges, roads, railways, and mass transit reducing congestion.

  • Water and Environmental Management:

    Guardians of clean water and healthy ecosystems.

  • Utility and Municipal Infrastructure: We focus on developing essential, efficient, well-planned engineered municipal solutions.

  • Smart City Solutions: We integrate technology with infrastructure planning creating smart, connected, and resilient urban environments.​


  • Infrastructure Master Planning & Smart City Solutions

  • Transportation Planning

  • Roads, Highways, Bridges

    & Railways Designs

  • Water, Wastewater Management

  • Utilities & Environmental


  • Power Supply and Distribution

  • Communications

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