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Allied Practices

All the practices within KEO share an ethos and approach that is underpinned by our purpose.

Our allied practices include:

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Creative Place Makers Intersecting

Nature and Culture

InSite, is a Planning and Landscape Design practice, established in 2014. Opening its first studios in Abu Dhabi and Dubai with a dual vision of:  Regional Excellence: Crafting creative, environmentally situated designs, rooted in our understanding of local cultures and landscapes. Global Reach: Leveraging Dubai’s vibrant hub for both attracting top talent thus amplifying our work with global expertise and moving into new markets.


Strategic Cost Solutions

C-Quest, a top-tier cost consultancy firm, excelsin aligning project budgets with cost control. Our approach brings transparency, objectivity, and integrity to every assignment. With over 60 years of experience in diverse markets, we have become a premier firm specializing in cost and contract management across the building and infrastructure sectors.

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Black Mule

Transforming underperforming real estate

Black Mule, backed by the vast resources of KEO, transforms underperforming real estate assets across the GCC into thriving developments. KEO’s legacy of excellence, paired with Black Mule’s drive for innovation and passion for maximizing value, allows us to unlock hidden potential in every property. We turn challenges into opportunities, delivering unparalleled results for our clients and shaping a brighter future for the region's real estate landscape.

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