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Mastering Building Performance

At KEO, we don’t just design buildings, we engineer possibilities.

Our expert building engineering design teams combine innovative thinking and a sustainable mindset. We deliver intelligent, integrated solutions that set industry benchmarks.

Our Expertise

Masterful Structures:

Renowned for our expertise in tall buildings, we employ cutting-edge techniques and gravity-defying solutions to create both aesthetic marvels and unwavering structural integrity.

MEP Engineering:

We optimize power systems, lighting design, HVAC, plumbing, and building automation, achieving peak performance and resource efficiencies. Our expertise extends to integrated fire protection and life safety systems, prioritizing occupant well-being and regulatory compliance on every project.

Sustainable Innovation:

Minimizing environmental impact while maximizing functionality and lifespan. We deliver future-proof designs.


• Structural Engineering:

Innovative structural solutions.

• Electrical Engineering:

Intelligent power systems and energy-efficient solutions.

• Mechanical Engineering:

Optimized HVAC and plumbing systems, and advanced building automation.

• Life Safety Engineering:

Integrated life safety systems.

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