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Strategic Cost Solutions


C-Quest, a top-tier cost consultancy firm, excels
in aligning project budgets with cost control. Our approach brings transparency, objectivity, and integrity to every assignment. With over 60 years
of experience in diverse markets, we have become a premier firm specializing in cost and contract management across the building and infrastructure sectors.

Client Collaboration

  • Proactive and Nimble Partnership: Working closely with all project stakeholders for smooth project progression.

  • Tailored Solutions: Recognizing the unique needs of each project, we deliver customized cost consultancy services.

    Digital Expertise in Cost Analysis

  • Advanced tools: Utilizing the latest in digital technologies for accurate, reliable and efficient cost analysis.

  • BIM Integration: Leveraging BIM for precise cost projects and real-time budge adherence.

    Lifecycle and Value Engineering

  • We offer in-depth analysis of lifecycle costs, advising on long-term sustainability and cost- effectiveness of materials and construction techniques.

  • We excel in delivering cost-efficient solutions without compromising quality, focusing

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• Pre-Contract Services, Feasibility Studies

• Life Cycle Costing and Value Engineering

• Procurement Advisory
• Cost Planning & Estimating

• Bills of Quantities
• Post-Contract Services including Contract


• Claims Services

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