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Our President and CEO, Donna Sultan, features on the front cover of this month's Construction Week

Updated: Jan 9

Donna Sultan’s leadership at KEO International Consultants epitomises innovation and excellence in construction consultancy. As President and CEO of KEO International Consultants, her transformative leadership and strategic expertise have been instrumental in redefining the company’s global presence. Her tenure, exceeding four decades in the Middle East, has marked her as a unique figure: the sole female President and CEO of a globally ranked, multi-disciplinary AEC firm in the GCC.

Since assuming leadership in 1991, Sultan has been the driving force behind KEO’s remarkable evolution. The firm has expanded from a modest team to a diverse conglomerate, hosting approximately 2,600 multinational professionals. This expansion is not just quantitative but also qualitative, with KEO climbing the ranks to emerge as a top-tier international consulting firm.


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