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Regional Director, Architecture & Engineering

Pierrette Dagher has 27 years of extensive international experience in architectural and project/program management in Lebanon and Qatar on a wide range of prominent and large scale projects.

Her experience covers Architectural design, development and design reviews, site supervision, offering team management, project management, client interaction, and quality assurance, quality control & business development. After graduating, Architect/Engineer in 1993, she became a Member of the Order of Engineers and Architects (Tripoli – Lebanon); she was admitted also as an Urban Planner member in the same league in 2001.

She is a highly competent and an expert in managing the design process from concept to tender stages. She has experience and skill in setting up and managing the quality assurance and quality control systems. She is an able administrator with solid communication and coordination abilities and a proven track record in efficient project planning, scheduling and managing design changes.

During her 12-year career with KEO, she has led a number of high visibility projects as a Project Director, Senior Project Manager. Known to be a strong leader and an effective communicator, Pierrette is responsible for looking after the Design Division’s interests in Qatar.

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