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Arar, Burayda, Madinah Downtowns

Saudi Downtowns – Urban Renewal & Development


Detailed Master Planning and Multi-Disciplinary Consulting Services.

Project Overview: Saudi Downtown Company (SDC) is a master developer owned by the Public Investment Fund (PIF), with a mandate of revitalizing and redeveloping 12 specific downtown cities or “Downtowns” in Saudi Arabia. SDC’s stated mission is the “creation of urban centers that enrich people’s lives and offer diverse choices of shopping, business and living experiences that enhance the quality of life”. A key driver for each of the cities is to implement developments that will lead to the regeneration of their surrounding areas and also create employment opportunities.

Specifically, the SDC embarked on the creation of specific, unique, and sustainable master plans on large-size plots located in each of the cities destined as pedestrian-friendly major mixed-use developments for residents and visitors, providing adequate retail, commercial spaces, residential, entertainment, and community facilities.

KEO Commission: Of the 12 cities, KEO was commissioned as the Multi-Disciplinary Consultant (MDC) for 3 of the cities: Arar, Burayda and Madinah.

KEO Scope of Services: Each of the SDC plots, in the 3 cities, went through extensive visioning and data collection phases culminating in the creation of approved Concept Master Plans.

As the MDC, KEO, and its Allied Practice, InSite was tasked to continue the development process till the completion of Detail Master Plans together with complete Infrastructure and Public Realm Designs.

The outline of which includes:
• Starting with validation of each of the
Concept Master Plans (CMP) and formally
revising each.
• Followed by creating Detailed Master Plans
with Infrastructure and Public Realm Master
Plans, and
• Finally, by executing the full scope from

Concept to Detail Design of the Site Infrastructure and Public Realm Designs. Including Tendering Services.
All as an iterative process involving close coordination with the client.

Saudi Downtown Company

Completion: 2023

Total Planning Area: 1, 142,7000 sq m

Services Provided:
Master Planning
Design Guidelines
Infrastructure Master Planning
Transportation Planning
Smart City Solutions
Waste Management Design
Site Infrastructure Design
Public Realm Design
Landscape Architecture
Signage and Graphics
Sustainability Services

In Association with:
InSite – Allied Practice of KEO Master Planner and
Landscape Architect

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