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Dr. Ioannis Spanos consultancy and project management experience includes the development of low energy, environmental friendly and sustainable buildings and urban solutions in UK, West Africa and Middle East.

Following a Doctorate in the physics of energy in buildings and urban environments, he has been exposed in the design and development of projects within commercial, education, mixed use, regeneration, residential, leisure and sports sectors.

Dr. Ioannis has project managed and led design teams that have developed
successfully low energy buildings and urban planning solutions, by exploring the integration of low energy and sustainability concepts into the urban environment under academic research and professional implementation. His work has been both wide ranging, from theory to laboratory and then to design and reverse engineering assessment of working solutions.

Published research papers include topics in: life cycle cost and carbon analysis, carbon assessment and finance, low environmental impact developments, community heating schemes and heat pumps, integration of photovoltaic panels, smart systems, assessment of future renewable sources and assessment of passive solar designs.

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Director of Sustainability

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