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General Hospital, Abu Dhabi Branch

Al Noor Hospital Extension

Abu Dhabi, UAE

PMC Services to deliver an 8 level 129-bed expansion to existing private Al Noor Hospital Women and Children hospital and integrating the expansion to create a rebranded General Hospital.

KEO was appointed as the PMC to manage a major expansion to one of the existing Al Noor Hospitals. Part of the remit given was to also incorporate all changes and requirements of a new operator to successfully achieve relaunching the Al Noor Hospital as a General Hospital with expanded medical services and departments. Including a new oncology center. The eight-level 47,000m2 expansion accommodates 129 new beds, new medical departments, two basements and other facilities. The new wing is linked to the existing hospital via bridges at the ground floor and first level.

The PMC scope of services were full services, from design stage through to completion of construction with budget.

Highlights of Challenges and Achievements as PMC:
• Established strong protocols and controls
to manage and monitor requirements of all stakeholders; owner, operator, engineer (AECOM), contractor and all specialists.
• Managed the design consultant performance • Managed all changes made by the operator
through to a two-package procurement strategy; enabling works and main construction packages such as not to exceed budget.
• A major challenge raised was the enhancement of the Royal Suites and public areas which led to appointing an ID consultant, and nominated subcontractors to achieve target quality
• KEO proactively managed the project costs which resulted in over a $5 million in cost

Al Saqer Property Management Parent Company Al Noor Hospitals


Estimated Cost:
$ 84 Million

Area: 47,000 sq m

Services Provided:
Project Management
Design Management
Cost & Schedule Management
Risk Management
Construction Management

Hospital Operator:

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