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Designing innovative waste management system from scratch

NEOM Waste Management Strategy


Development of an innovative Waste Management Strategy for NEOM. Designing ‘the future’ of waste management for the Middle East.

NEOM is “the world’s most ambitious project” located on the Red Sea coast in the Saudi Province of Tabuk. KEO was appointed as the Sustainability Consultant to develop NEOM’s Waste Management Strategy in line with its vision to create and achieve a truly sustainable economic model for resource management. With an emphasis on implementation and in treating waste as a resource. An essential step in moving towards delivering a circular economic system.

KEO’s approach to development of the NEOM Waste Management Strategy was to ensure sustainable waste management principles will be delivered through innovative and effective infrastructure and services.
That the aim of the Waste Management Strategy is to ensure waste collection re-use, recycling, and re-creation occurs in a safe, hygienic, and futuristic manner. The NEOM waste strategy sets international best practice standards for the region and guides future waste strategies required for each master plan developed within NEOM.

Five stages were followed to completing the Waste Management Strategy.
1)NEOM Community assessment,
2) Business Model Development,
3) Options Appraisal and Non- proven technology assessment,
4) Strategy, and
5) Implementation.



Services Provided:
Sustainability Consultant
Solid Waste
Master Planning
Technical Guidelines

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