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Super luxury villas

The Palm Jumeirah Villas

Dubai, UAE

1,400 of some of the most world-famous luxury villas. Garden Homes, Town Homes and Signature Villas and associated infrastructure.

Palm Jumeirah, artificial offshore islands in Dubai, the site of private residences and hotels. From the air, the archipelago resembles a palm tree within a circle. Trunk, spine, fronds, and crescent are the names of the sectors of the Palm Jumeirah. The broad trunk is connected to the mainland by two bridges one of which connects the trunk to the spine from which 17 fronds protrude. A vehicular tunnel connects the spine to the crescent, a monorail runs 4.8 km to the crescent through the spine and trunk. At least 560 hectares of new land were created in all, within an area of about 5 km in diameter.

KEO was appointed at the early days of when the 17 fronds were still in final stages of reclamation and when the early civil packages were being completed.

The early packages included the main infrastructure routes and structures for all the villas on the 17 fronds. Multiple contractors were on board and challenge was to complete designs to keep construction moving and meet completion targets for the villas to match purchase and sales commitments.

KEO’s scope was to take control to complete the villa designs and associated infrastructure, manage the procurement process and supervise their construction. There are 1,400 villas of varying sizes on the 17 fronds named as Garden Homes, Town Homes and Signature Villas.

KEO situated a full design and delivery team on site until completion and handing over of all the fronds, villas and associate civil works.

Nakheel Properties

Estimated Cost:
$ 835 Million

Services Provided:
Completion of Villa Designs
MEP Engineering
Interior Design
Infrastructure Engineering
Construction Supervision

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