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Central Spine Master Plan

Sabah Al-Ahmad City


Sabah Al Ahmad City, the “Garden City”, vibrant and welcoming. A livable city with well-designed open spaces.

Public Authority for Housing Welfare (PAHW), Kuwait appointed KEO in 2016 for the ‘Re- Master Planning of Sabah Al Ahmad-City Central Services Zone’ as well as the Residential Investment District Plot with 185 towers. The 40 km2 Sabah Al-Ahmad City, located 60 km south of Kuwait City, is one of PAHW’s strategic satellite city developments planned around Kuwait City.

InSite was took on the lead for the re-master planning of the central services zone (the spine), and to provide investment design guidelines.

The vision was to create a vibrant central spine in the heart of the city as it weaves through the city from the southwest end to the north end with an expanded area for regional destinations and themed districts. The spine offers the opportunity for creating distinct areas including a mixed-use city center, continuous public realm corridor and regional developments to serve a broader catchment area.

Sabah Al Ahmad City has been envisioned as a ‘Garden City’ – a city with of open spaces, parks, landscaped trails, and attractive streetscape, entailing extensive open space and landscape network through the Central Services Zone or Central Spine.

A central aim of Sabah Al Ahmad City Urban Design Guidelines and public realm design is to create a multi-activity and mixed-use livable city with variety of well-designed open spaces for recreation and leisure activities, enabling people to live, work and play in a natural, sustainable environment that is safe, secure, and easily accessible.

Public Authority for Housing Welfare (PAWH)


Services Provided:
Master Planning
Urban Design
Design Guidelines
Landscape Architecture
Signage & Wayfinding
Streetscape Design
Public Realm Design
Water Conservation
Public Art Design

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