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Infrastructure Master Plan and Detail Design, Public Realm Design

Omani Riviera

Yiti & Yenkit, Oman

1,145-hectare hillside site as residential and resort destination 53 kilometers from Muscat International Airport.

Omani Riviera is 1,145Ha mixed-use waterfront development project funded by the Oman Investment Fund. When complete, the project will have a population of over 50,000. Omani Riviera is located 53km from Muscat International Airport on a plot of land spanning 12km2 in Muscat’s Yiti and Yenkit areas and is being developed by Oman’s Yiti Tourism Development Company (Ytdc).

Omani Riviera aims to position itself as a regional and global tourism destination and to create an urban lifestyle for the maritime community. The vast development includes hillside residential and resort communities.

HOK was the Master Planner and KEO was their infrastructure sub consult with scope to prepare a concept infrastructure master plan.

KEO was subsequently appointed as Lead Consultant to complete a detail infrastructure master plan and detail infrastructure designs, public realm design for Phase 1 and preliminary infrastructure master plan for Phases 2 through 4.

KEO`s scope included doing detail public realm designs of the Right of Ways for Primary - Boulevard 25m RoW 66,250 sq.m - 5,300 total linear meter and Secondary - Resort/Urban 18m RoWs 90,000 sq.m - 10,000 total linear meter.

KEO also provided detailed Cost Plans and Cost Management Services.

Yiti Tourism Development Co.


Services Provided:
Infrastructure Master Planning
Detailed Infrastructure Design
Transportation Plan
Traffic Impact Study
Public Utilities Engineering
Waste Management Strategy
Grading Design
Hydrology Design
Environmental Impact Studies
Public Realm Design
Landscape Architecture
Irrigation Engineering
Quantity Surveying

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Master Planner:

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