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A New Alamein City Landmark

Alamein 4 Towers

New Alamein City, Egypt

Four Residential Towers each, 49 stories, as part of a luxury development overlooking a lagoon view in Alamein, oneof Egypt’s new cities, a center of tourism, education, and 2021 government as a Landmark for the new city development of Alamein overlooking a lagoon view.

The design includes Four Residential Towers on top of a 2-story podium over 3 basement levels with heights of 200 m for each tower. It has a unit mix comprising of 1 Bedroom (15%), 2 Bedrooms (65%) 3 Bedrooms (10%) 4 Bedrooms (10%) plus 30 waterfront cabanas in front of the podium overlooking the lagoon view.

The Design vision is based on three key aspects; Destination, Experience and Living in a unique offering that blends a true mixed offering with public and private environments in a park like setting that include on grade outdoor amenities conveniently situated along the water’s edge.

The podium includes open and vibrant shopping with F&B integrated into the surrounding water features and urban grid. The towers are vertically oriented and situated for maximum view corridors with convenient access above and below. The towers are connected near the top with a sky deck bridge that offers dramatic sweeping views with various amenities for both public and private uses.


Estimated Cost:
$ 164.5 Million

216.000 sq m

Services Provided:
Master Plan
Architectural Concept
Landscape Concept

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