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Design/Build Delivery

Al Khor Expressway

Doha, Qatar

The largest individual contract in ASHGHAL’s extensive Expressway Program. Al Khor Expressway is a five-lane carriageway with 10, grade-separated, interchanges.

The Al Khor Expressway project was tendered as a Design/Build Contract to the contractor, Tefken. It involved the demolition of an existing 2 lane dualling Coastal Road from North of Doha to Al Khor and the reconstruction of dual carriageway with 5 lanes in each direction. The expressway includes 10, grade separated, interchanges, along with a network of service roads to provide connectivity with communities and facilities adjacent to the road corridor were also included.

The project was the largest individual contract ever let by ASHGHAL in their extensive Expressway program and includes 9km of deep stormwater mains (3m diam) installed by micro tunnelling, using 25 deep shafts. The project also includes over $82 million of landscaping, and 90 structures (Bridges, Underpasses, subways, culverts). It boasts the longest continuous cycling path that stretches 32km (Guinness World Record).

The key challenge was to complete construction within the expected schedule. As a Design Build contract,
the imperative was to have a pro-active and responsive Consultant who could swiftly process design submittals by the contractor and keep construction moving.

In response to those challenges, the KEO team on site included a multi-disciplinary experienced design review team, a quantity surveying team and dedicated construction management and supervision team.
KEO’s construction management and supervision responsibilities included schedule management;
stakeholder coordination; cost and change management; quality control / quality assurance management; HSE (including environmental and worker welfare management); handover management and reporting.
At its peak, KEO had 120 site-based staff managing all the construction activities and the contractor.

Public Works Authority (ASHGHAL)


Estimated Cost:
$ 2.4 Billion

Services Provided:
Design Review
Construction Management
Construction Supervision
Quantity Surveying

In Association with:

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