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Each 20 Hectares, within a new planned city for population of 280,000

12 Neighborhood Centers

South Sabah Al Ahmed City, Kuwait

Commission won through a Design Competition. A collection of important community centers strategically placed within a new planned city providing an integration between the work environment and requirements of modern living.

South Sabah Al-Ahmad City is located about 90 km South of Kuwait City, with a total area of 61.5 km2. The city is comprised of 12 neighborhoods, public, commercial, sports, entertainment, industrial, other investment areas.

Each residential neighborhood includes a mixed-use center which is connected to the remaining residential blocks through convenient pedestrian walkways linking all public buildings and residential plots.

A typical neighborhood center has a site area of approximately 20 hectares and includes the following components:

1. Supermarket and Retail Outlets
2. Society Development Center

3. Social Unit Center

4. Citizen Service
5. Police Station

6. Municipality

7. Masjid and its accessories

8. Post Office

9. Main Health and Ambulance Center
10. Trade Control and ConsumerProtection Center (MOCI)
11. Library
12. Children’s Club
13. Gas Branch

Public Authority for Housing Welfare


Services Provided:
Architectural Design
Interior Design
Structural Engineering
MEP Engineering
Lighting Design
Site Infrastructure Engineering
Traffic Impact Study
Landscape Architecture
Quantity Surveying

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