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Double Decker Pedestrian Footbridge

Dubai Creek Harbor Pedestrian Footbridge

Dubai, UAE

The Dubai Creek Harbor Pedestrian Footbridge has an upper deck span of 222m and a lower deck span of 154m.

The overall area of Dubai Creek Harbor (DCH) spans over 536 hectares. KEO was appointed to provide the detail design of the Pedestrian Bridge and conducting the Peer Review and Value Engineering services for the infrastructure of the DCH Development. The infrastructure is quite complex involving 27 bridges and more than a kilometer of tunnels.

The key scope was to provide a pedestrian footbridge over the newly dredged Dubai Creek connecting the Creek Park District to the East with the Island District to the West. The footbridge was envisioned as an iconic structure within the wider development. The bridge sits on the intersection of the grand axis and the newly dredged canal.

Architecturally the bridge is expressed as two overlapping planes that meet at mid span realized in two arcs. One is a lower arc which connects into the quayside at either landing with the other being a shallower arc that connects into the higher-level landings across two 40m-50m long infill structures. Architecturally the vision is for the bridge to be as slender as possible almost disappearing when viewed from the side.

The bridge clear spans approximately 150m over the dredged canal. The overall depth of the bridge reduces from 10m at the ends to 2m in the center. The bridge is approximately 12m wide along its length.


Estimate 2023

Services Provided:
Detail Design Pedestrian Foot Bridge
Structural Engineering
Independent Design Verification
MEP Engineering
Public Realm Design
Wind Tunnel Studies
Value Engineering
Construction Supervision

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