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How to join KEO Microsoft Teams Conference?


KEO International Consultants is a creative and connected enterprise. Here in KEO we use Microsoft Teams to unlock creativity and collaborate with the real-time input to resolve complexity and realize opportunities for our clients and partners.


You are likely to be seeing this page because you have received a Microsoft Teams meeting invite from our most valuable asset – our employee. Please follow a few easy to use steps, likely to depend on your scenario:

I have Teams installed on my device.
I do not have Teams installed on my device.
I have access only to the telephone.


I have Teams installed on my device:


If you are an KEO employee, you will usually join Teams meeting from your computer by clicking the “Join Microsoft Teams Meeting” link in the invite.

Figure1 New.png

Figure 1. Select link “Join Microsoft Teams Meeting” in the KEO meeting invite.​



This video shows you how.

If you are not a KEO employee but you have Microsoft Teams installed on any of your devices, you can also join the meeting by clicking the “Join Microsoft Teams Meeting” link in the invite.

For a comprehensive guide listing all options to join meeting invite, please visit this page.

If your call quality is poor, and if a number is provided in the meeting invite try using a telephone to join, please refer joining using audio-conference.

I do not have Teams installed on my device:


You can join a Teams meeting anytime, from any device, whether or not you have a Teams account.

Once you select the “Join Microsoft Teams Meeting” link a web page will load:


Figure 2. How do you want to join your Teams meeting?




You can respond to menu selections or select “Continue on this browser” instead. Your browser may ask if it's okay for Teams to use your mic and camera. Be sure to allow it so you'll be seen and heard in your meeting.

Enter your name and choose your audio and video settings, and when you're ready, hit “Join now”.

This will bring you into the meeting lobby. A KEO meeting organizer will be notified that you're there so they can then admit you.

If no one admits you to the meeting within 15 minutes, you'll be removed from the lobby. If that happens, you can try joining again.

I have access only to the telephone (aka audio-conference):


If a meeting invite features a phone number and conference ID in the meeting invite and if you're unable to use the Teams app or Teams on the web, you can join that meeting by calling a phone number.

Simply dial the number to join. Please note that the number in your invitation may not be local to you. Select Local numbers to find one that is.

KEO Meeting Organizer:


If you are meeting organizer joining via phone, in addition to the Conference ID, you may need to identify yourself via PIN.


What is a dial-in conferencing PIN?


The PIN can be used by the organizer (person setting up the meeting) if they are only connecting to the audio portion through

their phone. Entering PIN in this fashion will also give you the option to control ongoing meeting, refer here.


How do I find, set or reset my PIN?


Please visit My Settings page and under “Personal Identification Number (PIN)” section, select sign-in and set/reset your PIN will become available. You can do this anytime.



Remember to mute when not talking.


You can download Microsoft Teams free of charge, for any device here.


P.S. If you are on a corporate network, Teams will not need administrative permission to install, no need to call IT.

Welcome to KEO Microsoft Teams Conference!                                                               Legal
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