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Located 80 km south of Kuwait City, the 61.5 square kilometer transformative urban development is set to be the urban core for the country’s southern sub-region.

Pioneering Urban Living for over 460,000 Residents

South Sabah Al-Ahmad New City

Greater Metropolitan Area, Kuwait

South Sabah Al Ahmad New City, Led by the Public Authority for Housing Welfare of Kuwait, is setting new benchmarks for the future of urban communities. It
is located approximately 80 km south of Kuwait City destined to effectively addressing the current and forthcoming housing needs of its citizens.

Innovative City Design and Development:
The master plan includes over 23,000 private villa plots, and nearly 49,000 apartments across 11 neighborhoods. It further envisions a robust central business district, ample leisure and recreational zones, investment-oriented residential districts, and significant employment zones. Upon completion, the city is projected to accommodate an estimated population of 460,279 residents and creation of over 145,000 new jobs in diverse fields. The city’s mission is to evolve into an attractive, self-sustaining community, embodying PAHW’s commitment to providing superior lifestyle amenities in housing, education, services, leisure, and economic opportunities. KEO’s role during its creation was also as the environmental engineer, responsible for the Infrastructure Master Plan and detail infrastructure engineering designs. KEO also did the detail designs for the prototype villas until completion of the tender packages.

KEO appointed in Strategic Role as Program Manager: As the Project Management Consultant (PMC), KEO plays a pivotal role in:
• validating key development assumptions
related to the city’s infrastructure requirements, urban planning principles, and economic growth strategies.
• development of a comprehensive suite of management and monitoring tools to facilitate the efficient implementation of the new South Sabah Al-Ahmad City.
• These tools encompass a master schedule, procurement strategy plans, works packaging plans, logistics plans, interface schedules, a program interface schedule, cost estimates, and the preparation of annual cash flow forecasts.

Conclusion: Shaping the Future of Urban Living South Sabah Al-Ahmad City represents a bold step towards a new vision of urban living, seamlessly blending housing, leisure, and economic opportunities into one dynamic community. With the dedicated efforts of PAHW and strategic support from KEO, the city is poised to stand as a beacon of sustainable urban development in the region, setting a model for future cities around the world.

Public Authority for Housing Welfare, Kuwait


Estimated Cost:
$ 10 Billion

Area: 61.50 sq km

Services Provided:
Program Management
Technical Management Services
Infrastructure Master Planning
Infrastructure Detail Design
Executive Architect Prototype Villas
Master Planning Advisor
Quantity Surveying

In Association with:

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