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An Escape in the City

Reem Hills Masterplan

Abu Dhabi, UAE

A 190 hectare masterplan for a luxury residential community along the East coast of Reem Island.

Located along the east coast of Abu Dhabi and aligning its prosperous waterfront, this development introduces luxury, high end homes offering a new housing option on Reem Island. 4,5,6 and 7 bedroom villas are planned in this development in addition to a variety of townhouses and apartment units that overlook the sea and the peaceful mangroves. Upon completion, 10,000 people will call Reem Hills home enjoying a variety of community facilities and a wealth of lush open spaces.

The design of this iconic community capitalizes on the surrounding views and on the distinct waterfront location through introducing a manmade hill. Luxury villas wrap around this iconic hill at multiple levels providing magnificent views to more residents and creating an original key feature that gives Reem Hills its exceptional identity and grants it’s namesake.



Services Provided:
Master Planning
Landscape Architecture
Infrastructure Master Planning
Sustainability Services
Cost Estimations

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