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New Urban Development in Mecca


Mecca, Saudi Arabia

MASAR is a landmark project that will transform the face of Mecca stretching approximately 3.65 km in length and about 320 meters wide with 205 plots.

The MASAR is a new urban destination being developed in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The project is being developed by Umm Al Qura for Development and Construction Company (UAQDC) managed by KEO.
Key Features

• Central Pedestrian Boulevard: The central pedestrian boulevard is the heart of MASAR. It is a 3.65-kilometer-long walkway that will provide a safe and comfortable passage for pilgrims and visitors to Al Haram Mosque. The boulevard will be lined with trees, fountains, and public art installations, and will feature a variety of amenities, including prayer areas, restrooms, and food and beverage outlets.
• Mixed-Use Development: MASAR is a mixed- use development that will include a variety of uses, including hotels, commercial and retail facilities, residential buildings, and car parking. The development will be designed to create a vibrant and attractive destination that will appeal to pilgrims, visitors, and local residents alike.

• Sustainable Design: MASAR is being designed with sustainability in mind. The development will use a variety of sustainable technologies, including rainwater harvesting, solar panels, and energy-efficient lighting. MASAR is also being designed to be accessible to people of all abilities.

Development Statistics
• Total Project Area: 1.2 m square meters
• Total Open Spaces: 158,000 square meters • Length of Pedestrian Boulevard: 3.65
• Development Plots: 205 plots
• Roads Network: 367,000 square meters • Total Population: 158,000
KEO’s Role as project management consultant (PMC) was responsible for providing overall project management services, including planning, scheduling, budgeting, and quality control. KEO is also responsible for coordinating the work of the various consultants and contractors involved in the project. KEO also created and published a full suite of Design Guidelines that included regulatory guidelines for MASAR.

Development Benefits for:
• Pilgrims: MASAR will provide a safe, comfortable, and attractive destination for pilgrims to perform their religious duties.
• Visitors: MASAR will be a vibrant and attractive destination for visitors to experience the culture and history of Mecca.
• Local residents: MASAR will create jobs and opportunities for local residents.
• Wider community: MASAR will boost the economy of Mecca and the wider region.

Umm Al-Qura for Development and Construction Co.


Estimated Cost:
$ 10 Billion

Total Built-up-Area: 1.24 Million sq m
Total saleable GFA: 5.7 mil sq m
Total population: 123,600
Total road length: 9.5 km

Services Provided:
Project Management
Construction Management
Design Review
Construction Supervision
Design Guidelines

Design Guideline Sub-Consultant:
InSite - Allied Practice of KEO

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