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Self-Sustaining Community

Al Mutla’a New City

Kuwait Metropolitan Area, Kuwait

South Al Mutlaa City is one of a series of large new urban development projects being undertaken by the Public Authority for Housing Welfare (“PAHW”) of Kuwait.

South Mutlaa New City is being developed to meet pressing existing and future housing demands by citizens.

The 100 km2 South Mutlaa is located 10 km outside Kuwait City’s metropolitan area. The master plan includes 28,000 serviced villa plots organized in 14 neighborhoods, a large central business district, leisure and recreation areas, investment residential districts, public and governmental zones, and significant employment zones.

At full build-out, Mutlaa will reach an estimated population of 400,000+. Its vision is to be an attractive, self-sustaining community embodying the commitment of PAHW to provide all residents with high-quality lifestyle offerings in housing options, education, services, leisure, and economic opportunities.

KEO was retained as the PMC and Technical Strategic Advisory Consultant to validate key development assumptions related to the new city infrastructure requirements, the urban planning principles, and economic development strategies.

Further KEO’s mandate was to develop a suite of management and monitoring tools for the implementation of the new Mutlaa City. The goal to manage the implementation of actuals against plan. These tools include a master delivery schedule, procurement strategy plans, works packaging plans, logistics plans, interface schedules, cost estimates and preparation of annual cash flow estimates.

Public Authority for Housing Welfare

Estimated Cost:
$ 30+ Billion


Site: 100 sq km

Services Provided:
Program Management
Project Management
Infrastructure Master Planning
Validation Master Plan Revisions
City Vision Document
Social Infrastructure Optimization Report
Commercial Developments Phasing Report
Schedule Management
Cost Management
Feasibility Study Review
Procurement Consulting

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