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Cost Management 


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C-Quest is a full-spectrum quantity surveyors consultancy, for that assurance of integrity in costs, schedules and specifications of construction.

Independent but affiliated with KEO, C-Quest offers 50 years of experience in the unique requirements of our markets, including some of the most ambitious, complex and schedule-accelerated projects in the world. From that foundation the firm has grown to become the leading specialized contract and cost specialist firm in the Middle East, serving public and private sectors, consulting firms, contractors financial and legal institutions.  

The C-Quest team provides clients superior visibility into the procurement process and supply chain, with greater ability to plan, anticipate and respond to trends and events. Armed with the most extensive construction cost database, and backed with the most sophisticated Building Information Modelling (BIM) technologies, the firm brings greater command and control to resources in the construction lifecycle.

The firm is distinguished for rigorous value engineering exercises working closely with architects, engineers, project managers and clients to achieve the tightest and most efficient cost control measures. The firm is structured, staffed and managed to defy operational drag, and keep projects moving swiftly, smartly, and securely.

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Capabilities include


  • Cost Planning and Cost Estimating

  • Budget Control

  • Value Management

  • Bills of Quantities

  • Risk Analysis

  • Tender Evaluation Services

  • Contract Administration

  • Expert Witness and Claims Analysis

  • Lifecycle Costing

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